Fantasy Masters Ticket

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Claremorris Golf Club.


Are you ready to unleash your inner fantasy sports strategist? Join our thrilling Fantasy League competition for a chance to turn €10 into €600.

Assemble your dream team, handpicking 5 players & checkout to enter.

How to play:  Select 1 golfer from each Pool,  

Write the golfer’s reference number in the corresponding pool box on the entry ticket e.g. for Shane Lowry enter ‘17’ in the ‘Pool A’ box. You may prefer to select a random golfer in any or all Pools, in that case simply enter an ‘X’ in the corresponding pool box and a golfer will be randomly assigned to your ticket.

Entry is €10. Closing date for entries Wednesday April 10th

How it works:

Each golfer will be attributed a value equal to their finishing position, e.g. the winner = ‘1’, the 14th placed finisher = ‘14’. The sum of each participant’s 5 golfers’ placements is their final score. Lowest total of 5 golfer’s values is the winner. Golfers  DQ’d, DNS or DNF are given equal last place. Not all players entered in The Masters are listed for selection. Missed Cut players will be scored as their tournament position when cut is made. 

Prize pot:  Winner €600, Second €300, Third €100. In the case of any ties in the prize positions, the pot for both the tied position and the next position will be combined and divided evenly amongst the number of tied participants, regardless of how many people tie the position. e.g. Where 2 players tie for second, the cumulative total of 2nd and 3rd prize, €400 will be split between them i.e. €200 each, similarly if 8 people tie, then they will each receive €50 in this example.